I have been saying I would do this for years; that is get a website for my walking tours in second life. So many people don’t understand second life and others are afraid to even adventure into all the crazy places that you can go in second life.

For example Gor; which is a male dominated and very hostile role playing world based on 26 books from George Norman. It has slaves, barbarians, fights, panthers (female renegades), free women, towns, cities, war, and you get the point. You can even be captured and collared there so it’s easy to see why people don’t go adventure there. However, as a visitor you can’t get hurt so this is one of the things I started to video record where these sims.

Now, I don’t have those videos anymore because of a website called Blip.tv where I had them. They changed management and all my channels were deleted as I didn’t meet their new criteria for being on Blip… F#$k you Blip! So, I got back to filming and now use Youtube as the channel to serve the videos. 

I look for different places to go film and then started doing how to videos. Finally I added concerts (live) of performers in SL so that Youtube doesn’t restrict the video due to third party content (the music). That is why when I go to film dance clubs you will hear no music as I can’t use it. Go figure. 

I have also started to record interviews with club owners, sim owners and the like. They can use these at their SL properties, websites, promotions, or any other place they want to educate the public about their place. Why? All to help everyone get the most out of SL. I think SL has such a great aspect that can help people and their lives that I keep this up.

Have a great day in SL!

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