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What is a builder to do first? Well, if you own your land then terraforming is the first thing you do! Well, you should have a plan that will dictate your terraforming. If you have a  building then you might want a “basement” area under the building but you don’t want anyone to see it from the out side. Well, first realize that the terraforming tool, looks like a bulldozer, has many settings. Primarily it has the strength of the area under work and the size of the area. You also have to raise or lower the land plus smoothing capability. So start with a “weak” strength with a small area to start your terraforming this way you can have more control over what you are doing. Once you have the “gross” area terraformed then you can use a smaller area, low strength, to fine tune your project. Then finally you can use the smoothing tool to get it just the way you want.

There is no magic here but you just have to keep trying back and forth, strength, area size, smoothing until you get what you want. Don’t be afraid to keep switching back and forth, smoothing, then digging or raising some more until you finally get exactly what you want. If you place your house down over a basement and things don’t match up… just lift your house up a bet and get down there to move the earth to fit the footprint of your house.  Don’t worry you can always bring back the land you lower or the like.

One of the more popular terraforming project is a lagoon. When you do a lagoon that it must look natural and that being something the ocean would create. If you are doing a lake, remember the same thing and that is to make it look natural. Second Life can really make your building dreams come true with all the various tools for builders. There are places in SL that you can learn to build and also script what you build. I have put the info below so once you are in Second Life you can go to those locations and learn about building plus scripting. Also below is a video on terraforming. Enjoy!


Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Location : Natoma (210, 164, 28)

Category : None

Maturity :GGeneral

This self-guided, self-paced, comprehensive building tutorial also includes a weapons testing area and safe sandboxes where you can try out your newly-acquired skills.


College of Scripting

Location : Horsa (46, 243, 85)

Category : None

Maturity :MModerate




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