International Space Museum

This is a great example of how to use second life for your business or even non profit! It even links second life with an outside audio channel so you can take a magic flying carpet tour of the International Space museum in Second life!

Prim River National Forest Camp Grounds

Again, one of the many walking tours I do in Second Life. This is a very interesting sim as it does have a live band stage but really set in a national forest full of great places to hang out, rent, camp, and even has a place to get married in second life!

Venice Italy Tour

A walking tour of Venice Italy in Second Life!

Stenvaag Locomotive works tour

Another second life walking tour. This time I'm walking a locomotive sim... had some issues with the recording but still good.

Rocca Italy 1786!

Go back in time!

Steampunk Visit “Babbage Palisade”

This is a very interesting sim as it was built on the theme of "steampunk"... have to watch it to understand what steampunk is!

U.S. Military Veterans Island Tour

Yes, veterans have a place to go in Second Life. Go take a look at all the cool stuff at this island.

Menbata Sim

This is a great sim and so beautiful. Great builder and fun to just walk around and see what you find!

Tabeau walking tour

This place is really great and the build is fantastic!

Comment on the video...

I love Tableau, great shops & fun stuff to explore. Don't miss the peyote trip on the rocks. That hole with the yellow warning tape too. Jump down the hole. There's a bar with free drinks & stage animations.

Hollywood airport tour

Another second life walking tour. This time at the Hollywood airport in SL. Take a look and see all the planes and other fun stuff you can do.

Halloween sim

It's that time of year... Halloween and even SL has sims that follow that theme!

Preview of prehistorica

Just a preview of one of the sims I'm going to shortly...

Sands of time sim

A walking tour of a fabulous ornate build based on an Arabic design. Worth taking a look at this build!

Camtasia sim tour

This is a beautiful sim so come enjoy a walk about with me!

Portugal biz sim

A really nice sim built well worth watching

Moscow Russia

A brief walking tour of Red Square in Moscow

St Paul’s in SL

Come look at this fantastic build! I have not been to St. Paul's in RL but the build is fantastic! Enjoy!

Disability island tour

This is a wonderful place and we take a balloon ride around the island... very cool and a great resource!

Physics island tour

A little tour of a physics oriented world in second life.

Luna bliss tour

A walking tour of Luna Bliss in Second life. Plants and much more for sale as you will see.

Sailing and josei build

Just a peek at sailing and more building in second life. A tour of the Papp island as it is coming along.

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