Vavavoom DJ in second life

Come listen and see part of a great Second Life DJ at one of the many clubs in Second Life. With the copyright issues, I only filmed a few songs. Vavavoom is a great and well-known DJ in SL.

Da Bluez Preacherman

This is a live concert in SL giving by the famous Bluez Preacherman. Come into SL and he can be found as srv4u.conacher


Karaoke Lounge and one profit charity

Yes... there are places for live music, some great, others not so but it's fun to listen to the talent in SL

Tiffany’s dance club

A fantastic place to enjoy dancing and people.


ChelsseaMarie jazz club

This is a typical jazz club in SL with a live performer. They stream from their home into SL and everyone dances plus enjoys the time. Very cool about the use of digital technology. Many want to be's can get a great following for when they break out and cut a CD. It can help to hone ones skill etc. Or, as we can see just have some fun!

Dance club in second life

A little peek into a dance club on second life with Peatrovich Papp