General FAQ’s

Yes. I can help you with building or even designing a home or entire Sim.
What is the first thing I need to consider when making my sim all that I want. First, you have to decide what type of sim do you want. Sand, mountain or other. There are sim textures you can have applied to your sim and the seller or landowner can help you with that selection plus application to the sim. Once you have that figured out then you need to start planning your terraforming to support the types of activities and buildings you want on the sim or 1/2 sim. Heck it can even be a smaller piece of land but you need a plan.
Is terraforming permanent? No.. you can always fix what ever you do. That being said it does take some time to get things back to ground zero if you should need too. Depends on how much you have already done so one option is to reset the land. If not, it just takes time to redo things. Terraforming is a game of patience and not just a quick job.
Nothing; if the sim is interesting to me and my followers then I consider it content for my website and youtube channel. If it's a commercial you want that is a different story altogether.
Send me a request either in SL or using my contact sheet here on the website. I will go look at the sim and tell you if it meets my website interest.