• My dead friends
    My dead friends
    I have a graveyard for remembrance on my island.
  • West side of my island
    West side of my island
    Overview of the West side of my island.
  • Overall view of the...
    Overall view of the...
    Inside of my new house.
  • My aquarium
    My aquarium
    Aquarium in my house inside of a rock. Note the aquarium even has "lava" in it!
  • My Lanai at sunset
    My Lanai at sunset
    A wonderful sunset on my island.
  • My lānai
    My lānai
    It's Hawaiian for "patio"
  • Pirates cove bar
    Pirates cove bar
    The bar at my pirates cove!
  • Pirates Cove
    Pirates Cove
    Built inside my rock on my island.
  • Sitting in my lagoon!
    Sitting in my lagoon!
    Super quiet and beautiful place to relax.
  • Atlantis on my island
    Atlantis on my island
    My rendition of Atlantis.
  • Walking on one of my bridges.
    Walking on one of my bridges.
    Crossing across a section of my island.
  • Upstairs at my house
    Upstairs at my house
    Second story of my house inside a rock.
  • Eastern Dock
    Eastern Dock
    The Eastern dock at my island.
  • Underwater at my island
    Underwater at my island
    Night at my underwater lagoon!
  • My new house
    My new house
    Built inside of a rock!
  • My Dock
    My Dock
    This is my Eastern Dock at my island.