Interview in Second Life

Tiffanys night club picWant an interview about your club, place, sim, or band? Just use the form here on the site to contact Peatrovich Papp. All interviews are Free and are scheduled according to who schedules first etc. The interview is shot in SL and can be slightly edited. If more than one edit is requested then a cost of 5000 linden for each edit session will be charged. I have gotten people who like their video then show to others who then have edits, then I do those, then more come, and more come... and more come... you get the idea. It's Free so one edit is reasonable if absolutely necessary. The process is close to 1 hour of video can be 10 hours of processing so you can see where the time really goes. I like to say "we are one take Papp". So, if you are interested please contact me.